Recent Bookings

As One of the many ‘Tales from the Tomb’ spots I booked recently.
I’m the guy on the right.

 As the voice of the Blue Bunny:


Here are some radio spots I’ve booked:

So Cal Honda: “Wall Decals”

(as Helpful Honda Guy)

Scotts Lawn Care: “Rager”

(as surfer)


 So Cal Honda: “Bullhorn”

(as Todd)


 Red Bull: “Check List”

(as Co-Pilot)


ARCO: “I Believe – Snacks”

Some You Tube videos of my work:

As Mega Man X in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

As Zhu Ran in Dynasty Warriors 8

As Dan in Street Fighter X Tekken


As Dan Hibiki in Street Fighter IV – Dan’s prologue and epilogue

As Dan in Super Street Fighter IV:


As Hiroki in Paranoia Agent: