Ted’s Commercial Demo (Updated!)

Ted’s Animation Demo


Ted Sroka’s bright, young voice has been featured in numerous video games, including the Street Fighter IV series. His experience doing the english dub in several anime series has made him a natural at looping as well as playing the young scrappy hero. Some of his commercial clients include: McDonalds, Honda, Red Bull, Aetna, Scotts Lawn Care, Coke Zero and ARCO. 
Ted’s friendly, high energy vocal style ranges from powerful young heroes to edgy villains and his youthful sound makes him perfect for teenagers and young adults ranging from super-smart nerds to the chill slacker who hangs out in front of the convenience store. He can be the jock next door as well as the anxious young dad.
Based in Los Angeles, Ted’s talent shines in the studio with his attention to detail, professionalism and his ability to make every recording session fun and efficient. His improv training at UCB and elsewhere make him quick on his feet, being able to create engaging characters ranging from authoritative and sincere to warm and soothing to downright silly.